5 Reasons Why NASCAR Sucks.

Do you remember when NASCAR was fun. It really wasn’t all that long ago you were drinking beer, the sport was competitive, there were 36 races that mattered, not just 10.  I enjoyed going to races and watching them on TV, but that time has long since come and gone and NASCAR has left us with a bunch of reasons not to watch and here they are.

1.  The Car Of The Future

I am all about making your sport safer, especially when people are driving at 200 mph, but in no sport does equipment matter as much, if not more, than the athletes in the sport. I mean the car is what wins the race, if you are tight, loose, slow, getting bad gas mileage, lacking aerodynamics you will lose a race, but shouldn’t you be allowed to control some of those factors?  But thanks to the car of the future teams have lost all competitive advantages that come with driving a specific brand.  Seriously you can’t tell a Toyota from a Chevy.  What is the point of even having makes/models anymore? Require your teams to have specific safety regulations, but don’t force everyone to drive the exact same car.

2. The Chase

Year after year the chase ruins the regular season.  You have 26 races that ultimately lead you to a 10 race playoff system. You get some bonus points for winning extra races and leading most laps, but not enough to give you a real competitive edge in the chase. And what playoff system lets everybody compete?  Seriously could you imaging an NFL playoff where you had to compete with teams that had nothing to shoot for?  How can 10 drivers compete when there are 33 other drivers on the track with no purpose but to be in your way.  If you want a playoff system make a real one.  But stop pushing this bullshit one on us and telling us it makes it more competitive.

3.  The Schedule

Come on now, can we change this up a bit?  How many times does Jimmy Johnson have to win a championship before you realize that the schedule needs to be changed? I know he is a good driver, but his strengths lie in the last 10 races of the season. He had 4 wins in the chase compared to 3 in other 26 races of the season. I bet if you put 7 of Tony Stewarts best tracks in the Chase he would win 4 years straight too.

4.  The Lucky Dog

If you are a lap down you are a lap down.  Be a professional and get your own lap back dammit.

5.  Danica Patrick

Who cares.

Anyway, those are just some of my frustrations with NASCAR I really used to be into this sport, but have pretty much lost all interest in it.  What is your take on it? Let me know in the comments below.

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110 Responses to “5 Reasons Why NASCAR Sucks.”

  1. As a resident of the Bristol area, seeing the race come every year makes me bow my knee’s to the God of heaven and PRAY for RAIN.

    I could put a different car number on each blade of my ceiling fan and have a race everyday. Wow, that takes brains. A dog is almost more entertaining when it chases its tail.

    Okay, enough of that,Our local news likes to edit the fact that fans aren’t showing up like once they were. But to be fair what idiot is going to spend $3000.00 dollars a year to come here and watch a race. That is the average figure spent by most fans joining us for this most blessed of all races occurring in Nascar. Yes i called you an idiot if you spend that kind of money to watch drivers sit and spin. WEEEE a merry go round.

  2. reason 6: NASCAR is where you go when all hope of a F1 Ride have gone. (see reason 5)

  3. NASCAR sucks because different rules apply to different people. For example Danica takes a driver out and gets no pentality and Earnhart can also get away with murder when he cries loud enough. The biais toward certain drivers is so blatiant it sucks. Mike Hilton is the biggest scum bag screwing up this sport so he can fill his own pockets. Fat bastard

  4. One reason is Gary Nelson was hired to stop cheating back in 1989 this started the down fall to what you have today, No difference in the shape of the car or powerhouse .limited things you can do to adjust a car during the race to help it. down-force will keep the lead car in front when all things are equal. 43 cars running at the same speed in a line is not racing, The only factor you have no matter what they say is the weight of the driver don’t believe they compensate for the weight enough , Jimmy Johnson weights 130 pounds wins a lot of races comes on during a long green flag run his tires are wearing less the others at 200 miles an hour , Same with Matt Kenneth , look at most of the winners the are all the lightest drivers in the field. Tire wear is the only way you pass and adjusting tire pressure. They put themselves in a box with the car of tomorrow and now they have a new piece of junk for next year. The race last night sucked big time.

    A one grove race track is because the car sucks , you need to be able to pass , by adjusting the car . wider tires , adjustable rear spoiler , shock adjustments , the car should be adjustable in and out of the car. This way a car could look like the model. Take a close look at the cars they are sitting sideways on the frame to turn the piece of junk in the corner. I give them credit for a great safe car know make it a race car.

    Another thing you need to have testing of the new design so they know what they have and not one test at one track..To hell with the shaker post and the wind tunnel put it on the track and race it. I’m not saying to eliminate the wind tunnel but lets make a car adjustable in horsepower and settings to get all tracks two grooves . adj rear spoiler , wider tires , adj shocks.. front adj. different cubic inch engines . different rear end gears open up the box. Have everybody build one car and test it at a couple tracks in a race that does not count in the points but have it televised and charge people to come and watch this way you have money for development of the cars and you see what you have. to hell with the all star races this would be fun

  5. I have stopped spending many Sunday in front of the TV wasting 4 good hours in which I could have been doing something better. I ocassionally go back and watch recorded races, which gives me the power to really listen to the announcers, if you ever have the opportunity to experience such absouley meaningless babble please take the time out and listen to these idiots. I go back and forth listing to their conversations and see it is really the same sentence over and over. I am tired of D.W. mentioning Danica over and over and over. Is this a sign of stalking? Has she measured up to the hype? Why does Hall of Famer always come up? Hell is this prestigious? One more thing D.W. mentioned during the race as they have been going around the track in a counterclockwise motion this is why a race driver is a athelete. I disagree, 20 years ago the drivers smoked, spit, drank and we did not know where they live. I don’t want to see little Sparky or Princess Pat parading around track with driver dad. I want to see the Hurst Shifter girls! Richard Petty loves NASCAR or is he afraid if he leaves the racing he loves its all over. I was at Richmond a few weeks ago working and was walking over to the pits and who did I see standing upon his truck none other then the King himself. I took about 1 shots of him standing magestically over a cloudy and cool day. But the crap that was asked of him from the NASCAR fan based was crazy. I would like to say if you read this much of the letter I’ll tell you a secret. Don’t have a pit pass !hint, hint. Don’t look like fan. You all look the same. Your stupid hats, your stupid shirts, your stupid ingnorant tattoo’s. Sorry, I want to apologize before I hurt someone’s feelings. I mentioned Tattoo’s, please for our children and thier children don’t let them get a tattoo before they are 27, I see little girls with henna tattoo’s, 13-17 year olds with real ones. Are you serious? Yesterday I was on the beach and low and behold a fine speciman of life sat beside me, with her three kids and husband. And during my 15 minute stretch, my eyes glazed at her lower lucious back and noticed a light blue blemmish. After further survey I realized to my horror, she was having tattoo laser surgery removal. So in a drunking moment or a concious decision 10-20 years later she was erasing that split second of time at a price. So if you get one think before you ink! Your bank account and pain threshold will thank you. I am tired of Nascar, you may not agree with everything I said but its the truth NASCAR hit its pinnicle and is now slowly going to wear baseball is in my life. I have never ever watch a game on T.V. (except if it the World Series) which does not make sense because no other countries play us, but thats a whole other can of worms.

  6. I stopped watching also beacuse of Toyota. Yhey do not belong in nascar since they never have made a four door rear wheel drive V-8 sedan.

  7. NASCAR should go back to “stock cars” with rear wheel drive. Instead of the current cars they’re using, they should be driving corvettes, vipers, saleens ect. just buy the “stock car” put a cage in it and there you go!

  8. They can’t even race without wrecking. It is real hard driving in a circle. I don’t know which is worse the racing or the dumd ass fans.

    • No kidding, look at what happened again today at Daytona. A big wreck with 4 laps to go, and then that tragedy on the last lap. Hope the spectators survive and recover. You don’t see the F-1 guys and gals ripping their equipment up like this. NASCAR is just one spectacular wreck after another. What a waste of time.

  9. I started watching stock car racing again after a number of years and was shocked at what I saw happened to the sport. In my opinion NASCAR is dead. Just look at the stands during any given race. 50% full maybe? What a disgrace. We need to ditch NASCAR and start a new organization for stack car racing. Nuff said.

  10. if you want real exciting stock car racing WRC. World Rally Championship racing is nuts. Tarmac, gravel, snow, all conditions, and not one driver assist- except for the co-driver. No ABS, no TCS or anything like that. You could even consider WRC as a failed suicide attempt very exciting.

  11. NASCAR sucks because it very far away from its roots.it started with moonshining and sooped up factory cars with stock engines beefed up to run for the cops. I think the cars should be factory cars with cages put in them, not the other way around, and factory engines with no carborators. Run what you brung and have some fun. What they have now is cages with old bullshit engines ancient carborators and distributor technology with fake new car plactic shells on them. Really who gives a Fuck who the carmaker, might as well be dune buggys. The cage is technologically advances but the engine is not. Fuck NASCAR.

  12. just finished watching- i feel just like you. first race ive seen this year and its almost over for the season. freeekin boring and now there talking abought fuel mileage. I QUIT. how do you let nascar they suck. i will go to a live race and thats it. but i can tell you that sprint cars live is best. its just that nascar races are fun events to attend.

    • until nascar stops being acontrolled company in the auto factories pocket you will see them do as gm want that is why dodge is out and ford should follow toyota is happy with 2nd place

  13. Horrible racing. I saw one race this year they througha 5 lap caution for a hat. Really? All they do is long cautions so everyone can line back up and run around in circles. BORING!!!!! No pitting under cautions, no lucky dogs, no spotters. And when it rains, lets put the girls out on rain tires and keep the show going. I used to hate the road courses, now thats the best racing. Comming soon to the US at Austin is the Austrailian V8 series. Check this out and see some good racing.

  14. #6. Those unnecessary invocations. Not everybody is Christian.

  15. I rather watch my poop go around in circles when I flush the toilet.

  16. I grew up in High Point, NC. Back then, Charlotte wasn’t quite yet the mecca of all things NASCAR. There were still a lot of shops spread all across the South. Back then, the sport was fun. I may have watched a combined total of an hour of the entire season last year, expected to watch even less this year. So here’s my list of how to fix NASCAR.

    1. Sponsors, we all know you have a car out there and who drives it. Tell your driver to quit being a name dropping whore and mentioning your name in every other breath. At the end of the race, the winning driver should just get out of the car and say, “Yeah, damn thing ran great all day. Thanks to the guys back at the shop and the fans.” Enough said, he can suck your cock (Gordon) in appreciation on Monday.

    2. Pits are always open! And the speed limit on pit road is the speed of light.

    3. The chase is over. Every race counts for every driver. If we wanted a sport with playoffs, we’d watch ping pong.

    4. No more lucky dog. If you’re a lap down, you’re a lap down (Dale Jr) . Get it back like any other man, wreck somebody.

    5. Champagne in victory lane. This guy didn’t just drive 500 miles for a damn sport drink, or a soda. There needs to be champagne spraying the little kids in the crowd and someone deserves a buzz after the hell they just went through!

    6. Winston Cup girls. In bikinis! If I wanted to see a woman covered up to her neck I’d have went to mass this morning! Hell, even that queer Gordon once bagged a Winston Cup girl.

    7. Stock bodied cars. Or at least a car that fits (roughly) a stock bodied car template. Hey, I remember the years where the Thunderbirds and Cougars looked essentially the same up front but the Cougars had a near vertical rear window. Just sucked to be them I guess. Some cars aero characteristics favor some tracks more than others.

    8. Darrell Waltrip, Larry McReynolds, Mike Joy……….. etc, etc….. Please report to the front office. You’ve all be FIRED! Tired of hearing your chin music for too many years in a row. I remember when you’d tune in to see a race just to see who was calling it. Remember Brock Yates? He’d be half in the tank before the green flag even dropped.

    9. That damn Digger Cam has got to go. We ain’t here to appeal to the kiddies. They can watch Dora the Explorer when the race goes off. I enjoy a good cartoon myself, but this stupid creature wreaks of some dumb crap those Waltrip brothers would come up with.

    10. Being called to the trailer after the race to discuss infractions. I wanna say it was David Pearson that said that you knew it was a good weekend at the track when you won the race and the fight in the pits after it. Screw the corporate sponsors. Bring the guts and determination back to racing.

    • jeff parris,agree with everything,however get over your inane Gordon bashing,that went out when we found out what a dirty driver earnhardt really was!!

  17. been watching nascar an listening on radio sence 1969 i have never seen it this bad as saturday night they can’t pass france is lost i think its over if he thinks the girl is the fix its worst than i think

  18. I quit watching nascar 5 years ago. I was a big fan all through the nineties, back when it was the Winston Cup. I can’t stand the chase near the end of the season. The first year of the Sprint Cup chase cost Jeff Gordon. Under the old Winston Cup points system he would have won the championship that year giving him five championships instead of his four. Now Jimmy Johnson has five. I could care less if he had ten. Today as I write this Jimmy Johnson wins the Daytona 500. I’m glad I didn’t watch it.

    And Danica wining the pole for the 500, you can’t tell me that wasn’t fixed. She’s going to get slaughtered out there this season. About the stock cars, what’s stock about them? Nothing. They should just name all of the cars nascar cars. They are all the same anyway. The drivers with a few exceptions are bland and boring with their politically correct interviews and comments. Nascar used to be a good ole boy sport. They ruined it when they tried to appeal to everybody. Let’s make everyone a nascar fan. Give me a break.

    • What you are saying is pretty much true but johnson is another product of the money that is involved! At least I DON’T HAVE TO WATCH THE RACE! We already know who is going to win!

  19. i agree with most everybody nascar RIP but for comment#6jh you go to HELL!

  20. Nascar is waaaayyyy to PC these days, and that damn DW and his (MODERATED COMMENT) brother, how can you listen to those two anymore, they are nothing more than Nascar boot licker’s, as far as the racing goes, well, there’s not really any racing to it anymore, it’s more like follow the leader, IT SUCK’S!!!!

  21. I have never seen anything so pathetic as how the powers that be of nascar have destroyed a sport. When is the last time you have seen a car get bumped before a pass? The lucky dog????? Really give me a break, your car sucks today and went a lap down so now we’ll give you your lap back because of a caution. Cars need to get out of the leaders way because they are about to get lapped?!?!? Screw that block the hell outta them to stay on the lead lap!!!!! Race to the chase!!!! What a joke. The guys in the chase think they should have the right of way over all the other drivers out there.This is one previous nascar fan that is no more!!!!! I’d rather watch paint dry!!!!

    • I agree 100%,…DW and his “Boogity, Boogity, Boogity” crap ruin’s the race on the first lap. His Brother, roaming around the pit’s in a $ 1000. suit and ignorant comment (blather) is also stomach churning. Why the Network cannot see this is beyond all human understanding.
      But, that’s just those two,..Nascar, in general is down the tube’s as far as I’m concerned and my only association with it is when I read the sports section in the paper from time to time. The latest report was that Jimmy Johnson was penalized for “jumping” the start and sentenced to a “drive through” which cost him the race. Why in the Hell can’t Nascar official’s use common sense ? Why can’t they just utilize the dirt track rule in which a false start is simply repeated the next time around the track ! What a bunch of dumb asses.

  22. The announcers, and the camera work. The guys in the booth just talk about a few of the drivers all of the time. The camera follows just the same divers as the booth guy are talking about ALL OF THE TIME.
    Most of the middle , all of the bottom feeders. They get no coverage at all! They have a hard time getting sponsors, as they get no coverage.

  23. I was a fan of NASCAR since the 60′s but no longer. Why doesn’t NASCAR just manufacture everything and sell it to shoe dumb enough to buy it. The Frances’ had a good thing until they literally regulated it to death. It’s no secret viewership has dropped every year + look (if the cameras accidentally show) all the empty seats at every race. 10 yrs. and even 20 yrs ago you couldn’t get tickets. Now there isn’t a track you need to prepurchase tickets.
    Now it’s more exciting to watch Senior Citizens bowling or an international knitting match than watching a preprogramed NASCAR

  24. It’s time to dump NASCAR. I would love to see a group of investers start a new racing league, get quality announcers, and bring it back to true stock car racing.

  25. You left out the overt favoritism for jimmie johnson. Please, someone who has lots of recorded races go back and cout how many times a yellow flag was thrown to keep johnson either in the lead, or not go a lap down etc, just at the exact instant he either
    got the lead or was inches from being lapped over the 5 years he won the “title” in a row. It happened with 8 laps to go @ daytona this year. he never led until then and he got the lead by 2 feet anf the yellow flew. It GAVE him another race. Then, Matt Kenseth had the points lead so nascar found a part that was too light and fixed that embarrassment for jimmie handing him the lead AGAIN. I will not watch nascar again this season if johnson is given any more special treatment. This has gotten so bad it is nauseating to fans of the good old days.

  26. Nascar promoting Danica was the last straw for me. She is the next failed pr move after the failure of the logano bullshit

  27. Nascar SUCKS because they don’t care about you!
    Francesdon’t care about safety- only after a notable death will they do something,
    then pat themselves relentlessly on their back for it.
    They certainly don’t care about your opinion.
    Need a new sanctioning body.

  28. After watching many Indy car races the last few years I know why nascar sucks to me. Its Because indy car is just a helluva lot better racing; from start to fabulous finish. This year 5 of the 5 races have been just that… Fabuuulous!

    Fantastic daring passing on street and road courses is a thing of beauty and requires a skill that is absent in paved ovals with stock cars. I will never understand the interest I and current nascar fans have (or had) to the “mind numbing” monotonous/droning of stock car ovals.

    I would prefer an ice pick in my ear.

  29. I am done with NASCAR Kyle Busch is a PUSSY!!!!!! Jimie Johnson SUCKS!!!!!!

  30. Bottom line, the drivers are millionaires regardless of how they finish. They have no personality, and the new generation of drivers weigh about 110 lbs. and are more comfortable on Park Ave. than at a local honky tonk. Nascar made a critical error in knowing who their fans are. They decided to push out the good ole boys and replace them with sophisticated yuppies and conservative family types. When it wasn’t cool any more in their circles they look and they no longer have the fans that built the sport. What a shame. Hang on folks, eventually the void will be filled by local dirt tracks and who knows maybe Kyle Bush will start a new series where people race and drink beer and lay one Miss
    Racer Queen rather than their own brats trotted around for the cameras. I don’t know about you but I was never allowed to take the family to work, neither did they want to come there. Anyways cup racing is dead so start woodworking or something productive for those five or six hours every week. Contrary to what the sad old announcers say every week. DW knows racing sucks now but he’s about as likely to say it out loud as he is to confess to blowing up his engine at the winston after winning.

  31. Yes, in my book Nascar is in a steady decline. The major reason is that “all” the car’s are the same. They look alike and “are” alike. They have been regulated to death. Nascar has more rule’s and regulations than Hardware on the space shuttle. If it was left up to the individual team’s and their engineer’s (except for displacement) we would have great races. Now, they have to use the same gearbox, same differential, same shock’s, same spring’s, same everything.

  32. I used to be an avid fan of nascar but dont even bother watching any more because when johnson,s team didnt seem fast enough they just changed it! Anybody can be a champion when you have unlimited money behind ya.! Why even watch the races any more when you know who is going to win anyway? Johnson has ruined the sport!

  33. I used to really like johnson but the money he has behind him has ruined the sport! Hell. Anybody can win with the money they dump into his team!

  34. NASCAR sucks because it is boring.

  35. F*** all of you. Nascar is a sport and is fun to watch you just have to understand it. Yeah they wreck alot because its guys that wanna win racing to get to the front. In the new cars in 2013 the brands are all running different engines and they have different body designs to them so you can tell the difference

  36. I remember when if a driver “cheated” he was racing for the win and not trying to “help out” a teammate. Hated #3 but at least I respected him. I suspect even he would have quit when Nascar went chicken sh@t with making everyone “equal” Makes no difference – I can put the $300 a ticket or 4 hours on Saturday night or Sunday to better use. I remember when baseball players went on strike because their multimillion dollar contracts “weren’t enough” in their words. Stopped watching baseball then – never went back. Nascar has met the same fate – remember when Nascar’s motto was “when our stars complain they don’t make enough money – we tell them to go out and win more”. That Nascar is long dead.

  37. I’ve been a big fan since the late 70s. For me it started going downhill when I noticed that the new drivers coming along were very unlikable. I can’t see how anyone can be a fan of these young arrogant, born with a silver spoon punks. No personalities other than Stewart. I also blame the networks for over hyping NASCAR. Real fans can see right through that crap. A big turn off!!! I hate to say it, but nascar has gotten too safe. Their not daredevils anymore.

  38. NASCRAP has been on a slide. Now that the JAPS are in it it is on a worse slide. More power to the JAPS for helping to ruin NASCRAP>

  39. Forty years of watching Nascar and I’m done. When all we see is the exact same car doing laps around a track it reminds me of the toy tracks we had as kids. I don’t care if my driver wins. I’d like to see the competition come back into the sport. As it is I am bored after 4 laps. Goodbye Nascar. I’d rather weed my wife’s garden

  40. good year tires suck jimmy Johnson and chad know how to cheat and nascar wonders why the seats are empty the racing sucks

  41. Nacscar sucks because after dale died there was no one left to call bullshit on them and steer them in the right direction,then they let the rice grinders in and some broad who is pretty after several hours of makeup in as a publicity stunt to bring in other fans,good move.I will watch again when jimmy spencer comes back and blasts a busch in the face.Jr is only one left from Carolina,and only one left with a personality but wont let it show.what a shame.

  42. I hate because, they are not even stock cars anymore, They don’t have anything in common with the name on the chin.

  43. Could you be more bitchier? I mean, was this article even written by a man, or some gossip blogger?

  44. NASCAR and WWF are the same.

    How can you tell when there’s a NASCAR or WWF event in your town? Because the trailer parks are empty for miles.

  45. Pyle Puss, is the main reason NASCAR Sucks. I mean if he has Nationwide and the trucks down they should ban him from competition!!!!!!!!!!!!

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