An Honest Assessment and Guide to Running a Half Marathon

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I started out deciding on chronicling “my guide” for training for a half marathon this coming May.  I began thinking about talking points and brainstorming ideas and then it hit me…  How did I get here?  Why am I running this thing?  Is it a challenge?  A weight loss goal?  Then I thought can’t it be a little of everything and maybe I should explore this briefly.

In 2010, I was no doubt in the best shape of my life.  I was twenty nine (29) years old.  I was eating right, meaning I was staying away from Burger King, and running between 80-100 miles a month.  A little side note, I actually enjoyed the routine and felt great.

Here comes the downward spiral and excuses…It happened, I pulled a hamstring.  Pretty bad actually…  This was the “tramatic event” which stopped the exercising. I started eating the footlong at Subway because “it was the better deal, but I won’t get the chips.”  I suddenly became two (2) years older. I’m knee deep in my career, which as everybody can relate to, somehow seems more demanding than when you started.  We moved and then guess what?  We had our second child. Pretty sure I got everything!    Now here’s the part that sparked my cause for change.  I stepped on the scale and was mortified. 

Fast forward to 2013, the fanbrew boys began talking about how “we have to do something!”  We decided our challenge, our goal, was to finish the Indianapolis mini marathon in less than two (2) hours.

So a challenge laid down while we were drinking is gonna get me motivated?  I thought back to the number from that scale and thought you know little changes turn into bigger ones.  I’ve made the decision to do something right?  Well now I just have to find the time between work, family, and sleep.

I needed motivation.  1st thing I did…watch Rocky IV.  2nd thing was get a new pair of running shoes.   3rd thing was download a running app.  And then on January 6, I finally ran.  I started slowly, knowing I could run 1.5 miles without dying, I decided my half marathon training program would start there.  A week later lead to four runs, 8.32 miles,  900 + calories burned, a 10.35 mile pace, and a 1.15% weight loss for the week. 

This week I’ve run 4 miles and counting.  I needed more motivation.  I decided to chronicle my half marathon program here on fanbrew, hopefully this will spark you and challenge a better you in the New Year!  Til next week, wish me luck!

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3 Responses to “An Honest Assessment and Guide to Running a Half Marathon”

  1. live it, love it -- mom Reply 17. Jan, 2013 at 7:37 am

    Now that is real motivation

  2. So your running AND doing P90X? damn, now I feel like the fatass

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