An Honest Assessment and Guide to Running a Half Marathon (Week 2)


Alright here’s my week two (2) honest assessment and guide to running a half marathon…

 My week one (1) article was a “back stage” look at how I got to “here.”  (I like using all the buzz words).  As a side note, I’m changing my weeks to a Sunday start and a Saturday weigh in.  

Week 2 has been bit more difficult, but not unbearable.  I started the week great with two 2 mile runs on Monday and Tuesday. Then work got in the way pretty much the rest of the week.  I had to double on Wednesday and Thursday.  Mid week obviously I was beginning to understand how important it is going to be to get my miles in on the weekends.  

On Friday I decided I had to get my miles in from Wednesday and Thursday misses, so I figured why not throw down a challenge.  Could I get through five (5) miles without #1 dying & #2 injuring myself?  I’m still here…I got through the 5 miler right at an hour.  However, I was cooked at four (4) and walked quite a bit of the last mile. 

The repercussions:  I am a bit sore in my right shin area, ankle, and calf.  Its muscle related and I’m not really concerned.  My feet are beginning to toughen up and I have general soreness.  It’s nothing a Tylenol regiment can’t take care of.

But wait…Dare you say I am done?  Sorry guys and gals, Saturday here in Northwest, Indiana was near fifty (50) degrees on January 19.  I had to get some road time in.  I geared up and ran 2 miles and walked another 1.5 with my wife and kids. 

I won’t say I lost quite an inch from my waist but I went down a notch in the belt!  Not gonna lie, I was kinda excited and showed my wife.  The general statistics are as follows:  Ran four (4) times for twelve (12) miles at near 11:00 minutes a mile (kinda screwed cause of the walk I did), and losing 1.8 pounds.  (I’m doing a terrible job watching what I eat…but hey, it’s a loss) 

With my new schedule Sunday is the beginning of the running week for me.  Week 3, I plan on stepping up my runs to 2.5 a run and if I have time, I might throw in the 5 miler at the end of the week, cause I have a baseline for my progress from week 2. 

Give me a shout and let me know how your progressing!  I’m off to watch Rocky III.  The beach running looks like fun!     

As a side note:

I’m not endorsing one running app over the other, but I recently downloaded the Nike + running app for the Iphone.  I was previously using runkeeper, but the Nike app, in my opinion is much better.  #1 its free.  If you have an Iphone 4 or greater you do not need the sensor for the app to track your progress.  I made the mistake and bought the $19 sensor and didn’t have to.  The app actually maps and keeps track of people much every statistic you could ever want.  Some reviews have knocked the app for the GPS being terrible, but I have not had a problem.  I’m running pretty much in a residential area, so I don’t have to worry about building and such.       

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